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Is Using Sunscreen Bad For Our Skin?

Introduction And Background

Throughout a person’s life, they care about their skin. They avoid sunny areas in case their skin gets sunburned and sometimes they even try to get out of cloudy areas to go to sunny ones so that their skin does not become too pale. However, we often use products in both conditions to overcome the weather we are stuck with. But do we really know what we are putting on our skin? Do we know how bad it is for us? Or are we too lost in the goodness of the product that we overlook the side effects? Or are the side effects not that important compared to what the product does for us? These questions are all confusing. But they are all related to sunscreen. Read on further to know more.

What Is Sunscreen?
Sunscreen is a product which is a type of lotion or cream that is used for protection of the skin against the sun. It is used by a lot of people, even sportspersons who play in the sun. Those who have a lot of exposure to the sun usually carry sunscreens and apply a little of it in intervals they see fit or as instructed by the doctor. Sunscreen are really popular, especially in countries or cities where it is very sunny and people come under direct sunlight most of the day. It is not that common in hilly or cloudy areas.

Where Do We Apply Sunscreen?
Sunscreen is applied on the skin. Basically, anywhere there is skin, people can put on sunscreen. However, it is most commonly used around the face, around the arms and the hands and the feet. It is also put on the neck and the shoulders but the other parts of the body are mostly covered with clothes so it is not necessary to put sunscreen on those areas. If a person uses it daily then they mostly rub it on the face and the hands before going out.

Is Sunscreen Bad For Our Skin?
There are a lot of rumors about sunscreen. Some claim that sunscreen is really bad for our skin while others say that it saves our skin. So which one is it? Sunscreen has its pros and cons but the thing which comes into conclusion about it is that it is not bad for the skin. But there are products that are known to cause health issues. Some sunscreen chemicals can even cause pimples to form on your skin or further irritate it somehow. Some products can even cause acne on the skin and not just sunscreen. This danger comes with using any kind of products. However, we have to decide whether these dangers are worse or are other dangers worse which can come with not using sunscreen. Sunscreen is not bad for our skin. It saves our skin. But you have to decide which is better or which is worse.

Pros Of Sunscreen
The pros of sunscreen are many and it could very well be the difference between burned skin and beautiful skin!

  • It protects your skin from being damaged by the sunlight. Sunscreen comes in different SPF. If the exposure to the sun is a lot and your skin is ultra sensitive, the SPF of the sunscreen you use has to be high. If the exposure is minimum and your skin is not that sensitive towards sunlight, then a lower SPF is fine too. You get to decide.
  • It will save your skin from skin cancer. The ultraviolet rays of the sun are known to damage the skin DNA and cause skin cancer as well, which has happened to numerous people in the past decade. Sunscreens have known to prove a barrier to that and to prevent skin cancer or reduce the risk of it.
  • Your skin does not darken and does not look burned if you use sunscreen. It does not peel off either as that has happened to people who visit sunny areas after a long time.

Cons Of Suncreen
Nonetheless, there is a bad side too…

  • You might be allergic to the sunscreen you are using and it might do more bad for your than good.
  • While you have sunscreen on, your skin does not make vitamin D which is important for good health. Unprotected skin makes the maximum vitamin D and that can be done in ten to fifteen minutes of exposure of the sun.

After reading the article, you will be wondering which path to take but the answer seems pretty clear, doesn’t it? Using sunscreen and the pros of it are way more and way more important than the cons. Your protection against the sun is essential and that your skin does not get damaged. Sunscreen is not that bad for our skin.

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