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Is Woman’s Skin More Sensitive Than Man’s?

Introduction And Background

A woman and man might be the same species but all would agree to the fact that they look as if they both are each from entirely a different planet. A woman is a female and quite similar to a man but their differences are more striking. She is mentally different, more emotional and tends to overreact to general things. Men on the other hand seem to be emotionless and carefree and do not really care about what is going around them. But here we are just talking about the aspects of personality. Where physical aspects are concerned, nothing looks alike. Women generally have longer and softer hair than men. Women are more petite and delicate while men are muscular and they are well…male.


Is A Woman’s Skin The Same As A Man’s?

We’ve talked about how different they are but you need to realize how different they really are! Their skin is also different from each other. A woman’s skin is softer and more elastic while a man’s skin is always more hard and tough and seems to be inelastic at times. Their skin is also thicker than a woman’s skin.


Is Woman’s Skin More Sensitive Than Man’s?

The simple answer is yes. Woman’s skin is in fact way more sensitive than a man’s. Since her skin is not as hard or thick as his is, it tends to make her more vulnerable to the environment and things in general. This is also one of the major reasons why acne is more common in women than it is in men. Their skin is sensitive and can easily react to anything to cause acne, even gradual hormonal changes which are occurring inside the body or the bacteria which lies outside it. You’ll notice that women also get wrinkles more quickly in life than men do. Sensitivity of skin also plays a huge role here. And then you see women going around with umbrellas underneath the sun. You never see a man carry an umbrella in broad daylight, except for when it is raining. It is because they are not worried about their skin getting burnt in the sun so easily. Other than that, you’ll be interested in knowing that a woman is more sensitive to touch than a man is. The surface areas of her skin are better defined than a man’s.


Why Is Woman’s Skin More Sensitive?

A woman’s skin is more sensitive because their genetic creation has made them this way. For instance, a man has hard skin because the hormone that is in him by the name of testosterone has the ability to make the skin thicker. Since it is found in much larger amounts in men, no wonder they have thick skin. And of course, even a child could understand that a thicker layer is likely to be less sensitive and less vulnerable than a thinner layer.


Should Women Treat Their Skin Differently Than Men?

Yes! Men do not take care of their skin much because they often believe nothing is there to be taken care of. Since their skin is not sensitive, they are rarely faced with any problems or any skin conditions. And men are generally the unaware gender who care a little less about their looks. Women on the other hand will go into depression if something bad happened to their skin. Thus, it is important for them to take care of it. Their skin is sensitive and can easily be affected by changing atmosphere or the usage of some wrong kind of cosmetics or even the lack of wash and care. It is necessary to make sure that the skin is treated fine and right this way.


Is A Woman’s Skin Always More Sensitive Than A Man’s?

This question needs to be looked at carefully. We first said that the general way of life is that a women’s skin is more sensitive. However, there are always exceptions. In teenage life, you see many of them. There will be a woman who would have harder skin than a boy in her class who would have freckles and probably the lightest and softest skin anyone has ever seen. So, there are always exceptions. But the general phenomenon remains the same. There would be ninety seven percent of women who would have sensitive skin while the three percent would have skin which would be less sensitive than a man’s. And vice versa.



Women should not be concerned about the fact that their skin is more sensitive than a man’s. They should only look at the word sensitive and without paying any attention to the skin of the opposite sex should take care of their own. The care required is different. And women are also more sensitive to the topic of looking good. Maybe this is why they have sensitive skin. Only joking!

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