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Most Bothersome Symptoms Of Acne

Introduction and background

The importance of skin as a vital part of our body cannot be stressed on enough. Unfortunately it is also the part of our body that we are the least careful about. Taking proper care of our skin can not only give us a beautiful and radiant look but also make us look and feel healthy. If proper care of the skin is not taken then it can lead to a variety of problems. Some of these problems are very serious while others are not. However there is one particular disease that may not look like much but if not taken care of properly, it can cause a lot of problems. The disease that is being talked about here is acne. A lot of people take it very lightly and as a result there are complications that give the person suffering from it a very hard time. It is both in terms of physical discomfort and with the fact that it looks downright disgusting. While the symptoms of acne may be several and everyone is unique in its own way, there is one symptom that is the worst of all and that is the whiteheads. But before coming to that, we will share with you some information about how acne really starts and what are the conditions it can be seen in.

General information

Finding out why people get acne and determining the impact of those causes is very important and therefore in this part we will discuss just that. The reasons why someone may end up with acne are very diverse. They include the following:

  • Hygiene: This is the biggest cause of acne. If a person spends too much time being dirty then the skin pores get blocked and the bacterial accumulation there causes the formation of acne.
  • Hormones: When reaching puberty, the changes in the levels of hormones in the body are also considered a major cause of acne. This is why most teenagers and pregnant women end up having acne.
  • Genes: Inheritance is also a way that one can get acne. If one of your parents had acne when they were young, there is a great chance that you will end up having it too.

The worst symptom

So what is the worst symptom of acne and what makes it so? After surveying people who have had acne and studying the disease itself, we came up with a very solid answer to the question. And that answer is whiteheads. This is the starting point of something that can eventually turn into a nightmare. Having a blackhead is fine as it is the same color as the skin but when you see white puss formed on your skin, not only does its obvious presence make you feel disgusted but if it gets to the inflammatory stage, it can also be painful. All you can think of if you have whiteheads is of some way that you can conceal it. Also in the effort to make them go away, people tend to pop these whiteheads and as a result, the bacteria goes even deeper inside the pores, causing new and much bigger whiteheads to form. Clearly it is the worst of all symptoms of acne.


The importance of dealing with acne in a swift and correct way must have already dawned on you. So what you should do right away if you have acne is make sure that you have a habit of being hygienic all the time and then treat the acne by consulting your physician and following their advice. Trying to pop whiteheads is really not a smart move and believe it or not but you don’t want to find that out the hard way.



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  1. Guarenteed ways to remove acne scars and bemieshls?I have tried literally EVERYTHING!From tablets, to micro-dermabrasion kits, to creams and oils, you name it.As i keep getting spots, they keep scaring regardless as to if i pick them or not!Its always affected my esteem but its getting worse by the day, i just feel awful and look awful, and really need something to get rid of the horrible marks on my face!Im going on holiday in 3 weeks and dont know what to do, my doctor is not much help and have been to several, someone pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase help!! How do i get rid of these scars?!


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