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Most Common Symptom Of Acne

Introduction And Background

Acne is prevalent in more than eighty percent of the population in this world, most of them being under the age of twenty. It occurs mostly in teenagers but does in adults as well though not as commonly. Everyone knows acne. They know how to spot it, how to recognize and most even know how to heal it. The symptoms of acne are not that difficult to know. Read about them further in the article and get to know what kind of acne you’re suffering from, if you are that is!


Signs And Symptoms Of Acne

Like I said, acne is not that hard to spot. You just have to have a few symptoms of the ones listed below and you definitely have acne then.
• Accumulation of pimples. Acne is usually found on the face, the cheeks or the forehead basically and also around the shoulders at times. If a lot of pimples have accumulated and do not go away that easily, you suffer from acne.
• If the skin is turning red around an area and inflammation has occurred, then there is a chance that you have acne. Although it cannot be certain unless you have cysts or nodules around it as well.
• Some people also have dark spots on their skin with some sort of liquid oozing out from time to time. They also suffer from acne.
• Whiteheads and blackheads are one of the most prominent symptoms of acne. They can easily be seen and detected on the skin. Whiteheads are pretty prominent and one of the most horrible forms, according to the ladies. They really hate the inflamed spots with a white covering!
• There are also pus filled lesions and in some cases they are the most feared symptom because they’re actually painful. Quite a few people have complained of suffering from irritation and painful itching.


What Is The Most Common Symptom Of Acne?

Of course, the most common symptom of acne is; pimples. There is absolutely no doubt about it. Accumulated pimples and inflammatory spots (that are also a form of pimples) are the most common of symptoms. With the other things, such as whiteheads and blackheads, you still cannot be too sure of what it really is. But if pimples are concentrated on a single spot, then be certain that it is acne. If there are fewer pimples and look a little new, then it is a mild form of acne. If there are many pimples along with a few scars of pimples, then it is a severe form of acne.


Is This Symptom The Source Of Acne?

By source, if you mean that if it is the cause of acne then the answer is no. Pimples do not cause acne. A lot of pimples do. A normal pimple comes in everyday routine of a teenager. A pimple here, a pimple there. A whitehead here, a whitehead there. Some disappear overnight while others take leave in a week. This is certainly not the source or even a symptom of acne. Acne vulgaris is a much terrible skin condition. It disfigures the face you can say and takes away most of the beauty of it. I mean, who likes having spots on their face all the time? No one does.

Is There Any Cure For These Symptoms?

Of course there is! With such an advancing age and with cancer mostly treatable, it would be not just a shame but a pity that acne has no cure yet! There are many ways in which acne can be treated. Sometimes, when a person comes to their senses and realizes what they’ve done by not taking care of their skin so much, they begin to eat the right diet. They include fruits, vegetables, the right amount of protein, milk and other healthy foods that heal the skin and nourish it and can bring it back to its original state. There are great dermal creams available as well that can greatly cure acne and if one is not up for those creams then there is always the herbal treatment option on the table. With all these choices you have, you must remember one thing. You are not having plastic surgery. Curing acne is going to take time, and probably a lot of time. Patience is the key to all of this. Keep up the spirit and soon you’ll have flawless skin again.


Acne is not hard to spot. Even a youngster who does not really care about his or her skin knows about acne’s symptoms. The most common symptom however is the pimples. Anywhere you see them getting together and forming a sort of a singular patch, know that you are kind of in for a skin condition that goes by the name of Acne.

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