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Oranges and skin health

Introduction and background

It would not be wrong to call orange a miraculous fruit. It not only tastes so delicious but also marks a number of beauty benefits for your skin. You can understand its nutritional importance by the fact that its juice is the part of first meal the day i-e breakfast. Orange belongs to the family of citrus fruits like lemons and grape fruit. Its stringent taste is liked by everyone and the fruit is a blessing of nature packed with so much nutrients. The main ingredient for which orange is popular is Vitamin C concentrations. Other important constituents that make it best for skin health are folic acid, pectin, amino acids, antioxidants and flavonoids. It helps getting fairer and tauter skin. Oranges imply so many advantages on your skin. From its peel to the pulp, each component of this fruit helps you get a better healthier skin and proves to be a delight for skin. Its peel when crushed and applied to skin helps heal acne by clearing pores. It clears pores to the extent that no dirt remains inside skin and prevents recurrence of acne. Moisture content of skin can be maintained by taking fresh orange juice, as it is a good source of vitamin C. This helps regeneration of skin cells keeping it young and fresh for long. Eating oranges detoxify skin keeping it healthier. Studies show that anti-oxidant content in oranges prevent cancer. Furthermore, oranges reduce dryness of skin by hydrating it. Orange peel having natural bleaching effects makes skin fairer and helps reduce wrinkles. These are benefits of eating and applying oranges to your skin. Other benefits of orange to your skin are discussed below in detail.


Cleansing and Anti Acne Effects

Orange peel helps clearing clogged pores. People who have oily skin can use orange peel to reduce oil from their pores. Orange peel can be a fine beauty instrument; its paste applied on the face removes the dead skin from the surface uncovering fresh and youthful skin. It also helps tightening the pores and making the skin look fresh and glowing. It is also a good therapy for pimples and makes the skin glow beautifully. Other than this, it will help in keeping one’s metabolism integral and help in curing common illnesses of the body that might lead to acne.


Skin cells Collagen regeneration

Collagen formation is an important property of vitamin C and orange is self-contained with this vitamin. Orange contributes to enhance collagen fibers formation and giving skin a healthy supple look. Collagen is a protein that makes up skin and vessels in our body. Orange supply ample vitamin C that in turn maintain damaged collagen fibers. This collagen maintenance and production keeps skin young, soft and supple. Vitamin C protects collagen from getting weak and thus keeps skin firmer for long. Vitamin C plays a crucial role in transporting procollagen molecules out of the cell to strengthen collagen and skin. Increasing orange intake can help you make up for lost collagen and get back the compromised skin flexibility. Considering such miraculous effect on collagen, it is now not strange to see that orange extract as an indispensable part of skin rejuvenating creams and lotions.


Heals and lightens sunburn skin

Orange contains anti-oxidants vitamin A and Vitamin C that help prevent skin from sun damage. These vitamins possess some anti-oxidant properties and protect skin against harmful oxidative agents. Larger quantity of Vitamin C in oranges help increase the amount of two very important anti oxidant in the blood, which is glutathione and vitamin E. Vitamin C, converts it into active form and ultimately helping body to protect cells from damage. Orange pulp also plays an important in skin lightening and tightening when applied externally.


Anti Aging and Anti Cancer Effects

Orange belongs to citrus family that contains citric acid, which is a key component in skin products that reduce wrinkles and soften your skin. Citric acid in oranges is used in chemical peeling products, which eradicate dead cells to make your skin look younger. Additionally, when applied topically, orange can increase skin hydration content i-e moisturize which help reduce wrinkles and appends to a youthful appearance.



Orange is a yummy fruit loved by everyone. Every part of the fruit is beneficial for the skin. When you eat orange or drink orange juice, you provide your body with nutrients that nurture skin cells. Use of orange extract on your skin can cure and prevent a number of skin problems. There are so many positive effects of oranges on skin. It makes skin clearer, smoother and cleans pores from dirt and debris. On top, a daily intake is recommended to get beautiful, radiant and younger skin naturally. Topical applications have other benefits like tightening and reducing wrinkles. Keep orange as a necessary part of your daily skin care regimen.

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