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Protect The Skin So It Protects You

Introduction And Background

There is a lot of give and take in this world. You have to give something so that you get the benefits in return. The skin works in the same way too. Probably the greatest exposure a part of your body gets to everything around is the skin. It bears all the wear and tear of the day. It bears the sweat and the oil you produce. It bears the tears that come down your eyes and it bears the excessive fat that you gain. Basically, it bears everything. Protecting and taking care of the skin is really important. It protects you. You should protect it.

How To Protect The Skin?
Protecting the skin is not too difficult. There are just little things you have to do and your skin will remain fresh and glowing as well as strong. There are a few steps you overlook which you should be adopting in your life:

  • The amount of water you should be drinking is…a lot. The doctors recommend that you drink eight glasses of water a day and it will be healthy but I say that you should as much water as you can, especially if you’re atmosphere is hot and humid and water loss from your body is quick. The water gets rid of the toxicity inside the body and in turn it reflects on your skin. It also makes the skin healthier and better looking.
  • The diet you should be eating must have vegetables and fruits in them. However, do not stay away from fats. People think that fats are bad for the skin but actually, they are important for the skin. Look around you. Do a survey and you’ll see that the people who are overweight generally have a better skin than those who are thin or the average weight. Every nutritious element is important to the skin, be it vegetables or fruits or even fats and carbs. It is important to have everything in the diet. Nonetheless, fruits and vegetables are much preferred because they keep the skin fresh.
  • Do not torture your skin by giving it extreme exposure to the sunlight. This will probably burn the skin and it is tough coming back from something such as sunburn. It takes a lot of time and I don’t mean to scare you but the skin never looks as it once was. Exposure to the sun also makes the spots on your face permanent, if you have any that is. Sunlight is important for healthy skin but remember not to give it too much exposure which can be dangerous and harmful. It can also bring wrinkles at an earlier age. We don’t want that now, do we?!
  • Go easy on the cosmetics. We all know that the world revolves around beauty products and make-up but it is better to use them on rare occasions and not make it an everyday thing. The wear and tear you give to your skin by putting chemicals on it daily and then washing it in a rough way to take it off really takes the toll. The skin loses its freshness this way and more often than not skin conditions arise because of excessive use of cosmetics.
  • Keep the skin clean. We wash our faces in the morning only and then forget about the act all day long, even when we sleep. Make it a point to wash the face at least twice a day so that it remains lean and clean. Cleanliness is extremely important. It keeps the skin younger looking and fresh.

How Does The Skin Protect?
The question should be, what doesn’t the skin protect? It is the first mechanical barrier that the body has against all germs and bacteria that are probably everywhere in this world. The skin is not only a protective covering but it also provides a lot of substance to the human, such as looks, beauty and even an identity. The skin protects your organs from falling all over the place and keeps the fluid of the body inside, only letting some stuff out when necessary like the time we sweat in hot and humid conditions. Basically, we would be having a tough time looking at each other if we had on skin at all. It is something we live with. It is an integral part of the human body. Protect it so that it can do its job protecting you.

Skin care is important and it is necessary that everyone knows it. It is better if you were already aware of it, that too from an early age but if you are not then it is never too late either. Start away with the skin care process and see the difference yourself in a few weeks.

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