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Risk Of Using Bad Quality Cosmetics

Introduction And Background

Before applying anything to our face, we do not generally overlook the ingredients, the side effects or anything else other than the company name. Why is that so? It is because we trust quality products. We know that the manufacturers are not out to scam us and they will provide us the best cosmetics whose quality we won’t question, correct? However, with such quality also comes such a price. And not everyone can afford the best quality cosmetics out there. Some have to make do with the local companies and even some companies whose names no one has ever heard of. It can’t be helped but everyone should know what they might be getting into by using these.

How To Differentiate Bad Quality With Good Quality Cosmetics?
To be honest, you can only tell after using them. No one can really tell whether it will turn out to be a bad quality cosmetic. It is usually obvious by the company name. If you are buying cosmetics of a well known brand which have millions of dollars in their expenditure fund, then you will be ascertained that this is a good quality cosmetic. However, sometimes your skin does not really respond to it that way. There could be reactions. Sometimes even good quality cosmetics do not suit your skin. Nonetheless, it is always better to find out reviews and testimonials about a certain product you want to use. You will get to know about the quality and also of the experience others have had with it.

Risks Of Using Bad Quality Cosmetics
The risks involved are not exactly lethal, but they are for the long term. If you are using bad quality cosmetics for a long time, then the risks involved you should know about.

  • You can easily get pimples if you use bad quality cosmetics. If they’re really bad, sometimes they do not come off that easily and you have to really work at it which is also bad for your skin. The pimples can also lead to acne if one is not careful.
  • The texture of your skin is also sometimes ruined by using bad quality cosmetics. If you put them on too much, you can lose the softness of your skin. It can also be that they are not using quality chemicals or ingredients which can also lead to your skin being ruined gradually.
  • Cosmetics generally cause clogged pores and wrinkles to rise. With bad quality cosmetics, it is possible that they can arise quicker than usual.
  • Bad quality cosmetics can also cause your skin to tan more in the sunlight and might make you darker than your usual self. This is bad for those who are really fair and do not like the difference coming in their skin tone.

What To Do?
For those people who cannot afford good quality cosmetics, telling them to go get some would be futile. What to do then? Well, there are some things you can do to reduce the risk of using bad quality cosmetics.

  • Wear cosmetics for as little time as possible. It is usually the women who use cosmetics more than men and it is usually for parties. Make sure that the cosmetics do not stay on for the whole day. And whenever you get home, wash it off as quickly as you can.
  • Keep your diet right and drink a lot of water. Even if the bad quality cosmetics are gradually ruining your skin, your diet and water will regenerate it and the chances of bad skin arising becomes minimal.
  • Try to use only what is necessary. Overdoing the make-up, and that too bad quality make-up, is never too good. Only put on the essentials which are required and which you cannot go out without. Your skin is more important than some cosmetics you can use.
  • Some women put on a layer of lotion or moisturizer on their face before putting on any kind of cosmetics. It does not help a lot but it does form a sort of protective layer on the face. Your chances of reducing risk are higher this way.

The Ultimate Risk…?
A few researches are being conducted on skin cancer and its relation with bad quality cosmetics. While the research is still underway, there are a lot of fingers being pointed at bad quality cosmetics. It seems that they do play a role in the occurrence of skin cancer.

Bad quality cosmetics are not taken seriously by some people, especially women. It is necessary that you do not put anything on your skin that can damage it in the long run. It is better to use good cosmetics or not use any at all. Otherwise…you know the risks.

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