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Secrets Of Getting Healthy Skin

Introduction And Background

Everyone wants a healthy looking skin. For a world that is so dead set on outer beauty, the skin is all people have for showing off. Billion dollar companies are running on the basic factor of beautifying skin with their products which people buy like crazy almost every week or every month. But this is not the way to get healthy skin. The secret behind it is much simpler and cooler. The secrets of getting healthy skin are written below.

Be Healthy Yourself

Healthy skin does not come about by itself or by keeping a clean skin. There is much more to it. For a healthier looking skin, you need to be healthy yourself. You’ll hardly find a person anywhere who is not healthy but has a healthy skin. It doesn’t work that way. In order for the outer to glow, the inner has to glow first. Only then can you achieve the perfect looking skin. Being healthy yourself is basically to eat the right diet, exercise and to not gain weight otherwise the weight loss process might make your skin sag but we won’t get into these details for now. Just remember, inner health reflects on the outer.

Drink A LOT Of Water

Water should be your source of life. This is one drink that you should have a lot of on a daily basis. Without water, your skin is going to look really pale and unhealthy. It is the water you drink that gives your skin, your lips a really fresh and glowing look. Make the comparison yourself or even do a survey. Anyone who drinks a sufficient amount or more than a sufficient amount of water has a glowing skin. Even if the other person has the perfect diet, the one who drinks more water will always have an edge because water purifies and cleanses our system. If our body system is clean of any bacteria or urea or any other acidic or alkaline substance then there is a high probability that we will not suffer from skin conditions such as acne. Water also protects us this way. It should be treated as the basic element of good skin. A friend of my mother’s is almost in her fifties, twice my age. She has a more glowing skin than mine because of the amount of water she drinks could be equal to a camel’s!


Eat Fruits And Vegetables

Since Kindergarten, all we hear are about how good fruits and vegetables are for us. And we complain since kindergarten because we think our parents and our teachers just want to torture us for some reason or the other. Who knew that they were telling us the entire truth since day one? Fruits and vegetables are the best things you could eat. They are healthy, they do not make you fat and they are really good at giving you the best skin. A class fellow of mine was in love with vegetables. She didn’t mind having fruits either but vegetables were her food love. I’m giving you examples from my own daily life so that you will understand better. Her family had a history of acne. Her parents had it when they were in their teens, three of her elder siblings had it when they had been her age but she surprisingly had the clearest skin in class, despite her strong genetic history. She kept herself clean too but she wasn’t VERY hygienic. What was the secret behind her clear skin then? It was her love for vegetables. She could eat them all, from okra to broccoli, all were her favorite. So you see vegetables are good for you and so are fruits. Fruits contain the watery content and the minerals and vitamins that are required for a healthy skin. You can’t miss out on those either!


Go Easy On The Make Up

Now this is no secret that make up and cosmetics tend to damage your skin considerably, blocking pores and bringing wrinkles earlier in age. If you go easy on the make up and do your best to either avoid it or put it on only when absolutely necessary, your skin won’t even need make up to look beautiful. It will be clean and fresh and wonderful looking.

What If You Get Acne On Healthy Skin?

The possibility is there, even if a little. But the secret behind curing it is acne herbal kits. They are the best option you have, without a doubt. Acne Herbal Kits are made from natural ingredients so it’s just like healing your skin naturally, without any dermal creams or chemicals to put on your face. They are not costly at all and have really rave reviews too!


The secret is really simple of keeping a healthy skin. Have the right diet, drink a lot of water and do not put unnecessary chemicals on your face. Voila, you’ll have achieved what you always dreamed of; the perfect healthy skin.

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