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Simple Makeup Tips for Women – It’s your right to look beautiful!

Introduction and background

Every girl gets conscious of her looks while going out. In order to look attractive, she brings into play the cosmetics that have been bought in here or there. This over do would not help to look beautiful and might give rise to other skin problems like acnes. Applying makeup is something tricky and needs proper skills. Keeping in mind that a good makeup can transform you beyond recognition but the other way can turn into a disaster as well. Whatever look you are opting for, bright red lips, metallic eyes or a natural innocent  look, there is a basic which has to be done before any fancy do to the face. The more properly the basics are taken care of long lasting will be the reflection of makeup. Taking care of little things is good as if the impacts of these things are known we would say they were not little things at all. Here are some basic makeup tips for you.


Foundation/Base Tips:

Even skin and perfect complexion is the basis of a good makeup. It can be achieved by applying foundation properly. For smoother look select a liquid foundation. Its easier application is another reason for its higher recommendation.  When applying foundation attention to be paid on the areas of hair line, ear lobes, jaw lines and the area under eye termed as dark circles.  Small part of foundation should be applied on lips to get a homogenous lip color.


Lipstick Tips:

For smoother lips process of exfoliation is necessary. To exfoliate dry and chapped lips, take a toothbrush dipped in Vaseline and “brush” your lips for 2-3 minutes. Wipe it off and apply Vaseline or a lip balm to soothe the area and make it super luscious. Following this for a couple of nights a week gives you the smoothest softest lips ever. Any lipstick color or gloss will look on your smoother lips. If you have small lips avoid dark colors and opt for the soft glosses. If you are applying lipstick then don’t forget to use a lip line sketching your original shape, which will help it lasts longer.


Eye shadow Tips:

And here you can get all creative! The phrase that imagination is the limit suits here well. When applying the eye shadow, make sure no amount of oil is there that will cause the shade to slip away. Powder well the area to be shadowed. For a simpler look take a large eye shadow brush and sweep one color over the entire eye lid and blend it well. Some part of the shade might fall under your eye, take a larger fan type brush and sweep the color away. Using complementary colors when applying eye shadow can really help to create a beautiful contrast between eye color and pigment. Using the opposite color to your eyes on the color wheel is an easy way of choosing eye shadow colors. If you have blue eyes, brown and gold really make your eyes prominent. A simple tip is to keep checking that both eyes have a matching look; you would never like to hit the town with one eye heavily done and other not as much.


Eyeliner Tips:

Applying a perfect line on one eye is easy but the same line on the other eye is a task. Don’t need to worry; a simple tip is start applying on the eye you find difficult to apply on. Once applied perfectly eyeliners are the irreplaceable beauty device. They give a magic touch to your makeup. Women with smaller eyes can create the illusion of larger eyes by applying white eyeliner to the inside rim (water line) of the lower lash. Another great trick is to draw your liner just below the lower lash line, helping to create “bigger eyes”. Darker eye lines always remain in the fashion. You can easily match liner with your eye shadow to give a beautiful effect to your eyes.


Mascara Tips:

Mascara is usually the finishing touch to your make-up look, helping to define and frame the eye. Apply the mascara only to outer lashes for apparent bigger lashes.


Looking beautiful does not only need your attention till make-up application on your face. You should be careful with the products you use frequently. Keep these things in mind as well:

  • It is advisable to use the make-up products within one year of their purchase.
  • Clean your make-up brushes and other applicators as often as possible to avoid bacteria and oil.
  • Be very careful what are you applying to your face and body as low quality products would create acne problems.
  • Avoid the contact of hands with your face or propping your cheek or chin on your hands. Not only can you spread bacteria, you can also irritate the already inflamed facial skin.
  • If you have acne, use some quality acne treatment kit that contains recommended components. 
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