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Skin And Apples

Introduction And Background

Ever wonder what the saying ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away’ is all about? It just tells about the goodness of apples, what they can do for us. The term is not just a rhyme taught in nursery school, it is one of the basic fundamentals of a healthy life! Apples are the food of life, the element that can save us. Most of all, it can generate the healthiest looking skin! Now this is an area of your interest basically. Let’s see how apples can actually help to achieve healthy and fresh skin.

The Benefit That Is Apple

No one denies the goodness of apples, right? They keep you healthy, they are good as weight loss foods and they give you cleaner and brighter teeth. Apples are also known to be a good source of reducing the risk of cancer. They also detoxify the liver and keep your bowels clean. With all these benefits, you’ll be wondering where the skin comes in. Now, read about the benefits of apple.
• Apples have really dominant antioxidants present inside. They detoxify the body and save you from a lot of unwanted trouble, especially skin related trouble. If your body has enough antioxidants, it keeps your insides clean and that shows on your skin. A funny fact which you’ll like: the maximum antioxidants present in an apple are in the skin of the apple. Eat the skin of the apple to benefit your skin!
• Apples are a rich source of fiber, potassium and most important of all vitamin C. these elements are essential for good skin. If enough vitamin C is taken, you can literally see your skin glow. Vitamins are essential for a healthy looking skin and apples have enough of them to give you a good daily dosage.
• Read any article on glowing skin and you’ll find apples in it. There will be other fruits as well along with a few other foods but apples are a vital addition to that list. They make your skin glow, as mentioned above.
• Apples do not only make your skin healthy and glow; they reduce the dark circles beneath your eyes and other spots present on your face. People often experience dark circles if their routine doesn’t give them enough sleep or they get puffy eyed due to some reason or the other. This gives a negative effect on their skin. They should eat apples because it will get rid of this problem.
• Apples hydrate our skin, which everyone knows is really important. Doctors keep telling us to drink a lot of water everyday so that our body, mostly our skin is not dehydrated. Otherwise, a weak appearance or pale skin is what you get. Eat apples to avoid this.
• Those who make sure that apples are a part of their daily diet will have wrinkles on their skin till a very late age. There are many in their fourties who have adopted this lifestyle of eating apples and only have one or two lines on their face to show their age.


Utilize Apples For Skin

Now that you know the importance apples hold for your skin, eat them. However, there are other ways to utilize apples for good skin too. Most people make thick pastes in their homes to put on their faces to remove blemishes or cleanse their skin. One of these pastes’ ingredients includes milk, honey, lemon and apples! It makes the skin fairer and removes any dark circles.

Can Apples Cure Skin Conditions?

Apples are known to heal the skin yes. They are pretty good healers but this might take years to happen. Only relying on apples for curing skin conditions such as acne is not a good option, especially if you are unwilling to wait a very long time. In scenarios like these, there is another option that is equally good. They are the Acne Herbal Kits. They’re pretty fine for you because they are made from the naturally ingredients without any chemicals. Acne Herbal Kits are not costly either. In fact, they do not have any side effects as well! All they do is heal your skin and get rid of your acne. Acne Herbals Kits are not that fast at healing your skin too but they are faster than apples and are effective in the natural way.


The doctor won’t tell you to have an apple every day but take my advice, have one every day. You will see the difference it does to your body, to your skin and overall your general health. Apples are really a blessing and one should try to utilize this blessing to the fullest, especially if it means a prettier and better outlook of skin for oneself.

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