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Skin Products – Do you really need them?

Introduction and background

The market is loaded with products that have to do with skin. Whether they are moisturisers  lotions, face washes, skin toners and what not; you name it, they have it. From all these cleansers to cosmetics, you have more options than the number of rivers present in the world. And then, who wouldn’t feel pressurized into doing something for the outer beauty that men and women so lovingly cherish? The issue here is, do you really need all these products?


The benefits

First, you should look at the good side of a thing. The products, whether it be a lotion or a sunblock, all have their perks. Skin products have their benefits:

  • If you have a difficult type of skin, for example dry, then you would have to apply lotion on the face to stop the wrinkles from coming at an early age.
  • Cleaners can actually remove all the bacteria and dirt that has been making a home in the pores of the face.
  • In winters, when even the oiliest skin becomes dry, you have to have a moisturizer around to even out the dry effect.
  • Face masks help to make the skin freshen up and are good for using once in a while.
  • Skin products can help to achieve what is lacking or what other natural substances cannot seem to give.
  • Skin products, if used delicately, can make you look even younger and healthier than before.
  • They provide protection too. Sunblock is often used around all the sunny parts of the world to escape burnt skin or an incredibly tanned skin.
  • Mosquito repellent is also a skin product that is applied and can protect people from getting one of the worst diseases around such as malaria and dengue fever.

The harms

Since we have outlined the benefits, now it is time to discuss the harmful effects behind using different kinds of skin products:

  • Sometimes, your skin is not open to any foreign particles and can have reactions.
  • Skin products are often misused by those who do not really know how, why and when to use them and they ruin their skin in the process.
  • If applied frequently, your skin also adapts to that environment and it starts to sag or look worse without it.

Skin Conditions and Skin products

Skin products have not been known to cause any skin conditions. Unless you have some sort of weird reaction to a product, it is safe to use. However, there are also skin products that can heal skin conditions. One such great example is that of healing acne. Acne is a skin condition that many people even refrain to speak of because the entire experience of it is so horrifying. It undermines your confidence level, leaves you feeling socially inept and even makes you dwell into the worst kind of depression. But the thing is, rather than feeling all these things, one should look for a treatment plan, a real skin product. And they have it. The herbal treatment process is one of the best. It is a completely natural formula and has no side effects. It has the best reviews and is known to nourish your skin while fighting off the acne problem. And the best part is, for all the youngsters who cannot afford expensive treatments, it does not even cost that much! You are getting the best out of all the deals.



From the article, one thing is decided. Recommended and safe skin products provide no real harm to the skin and if used properly, they can be really helpful in the long haul or even the short one. So the answer to the question; do you need skin products? Yes you do. Otherwise, when winters come along and you have a dry scaly skin, you’ll be doing harm to yourself if you do not search for a cold cream or a lotion that could provide the comfort and glow to your skin. Hence, do not fear. Use the skin products but use them wisely and do not go overboard on everything. Just because they are safe does not mean you revert to something for every little detail. Use them only where necessary.

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