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Skin Protection – The Right Way!

Introduction and background

In this article, the main thing to discuss will be what you put on the skin to protect it and whether it is good or bad. The skin is a sensitive organ on the body and to some the most important. It is what is visible to everyone else and since we live in a world that concentrates more on the outer beauty than the inner; people are more worried about it than global warming. Of course, who would tell them that global warming in return affects their skin!

Skin protection against?

Obviously, no one would go around wearing a shield mask or a suit of armour  That only happened in the olden times in wars, not in the twenty first century. Nowadays, the only protection you need is:
A) Against Sunlight
B) Against Pollution
C) Against Bacteria
These are the three main things you need to avoid in order to achieve a healthy skin and a better skin as you grow older. Protection against sunlight does not mean that a single ray will turn your skin to dust. Please remember that sunlight is very important for a fresh looking skin and healthy skin and normal growth. But excessive sunlight can damage the skin, sometimes irreparably. If your work or other activities force you into sunlight for longer periods of time on a daily basis, then you need to protect your skin from it. As for the pollution, it is tough to escape it. Found in most parts of the world due to fast population increase, it is tough to escape it. Bacteria can be made rid of though, even if it is found everywhere.

How to protect your skin?

We have already outlined what basic things you need protection against. Here, you’ll get to know how to protect yourself from it.
• Sunlight: The most balanced of all forms. It can do wonders if bathed in for a short time but can damage awfully if not careful. The only protection your skin can get against sunlight is the famous Sunblock. They protect your skin against the harmful Ultra Violet rays present in the sunlight and many forms of it are available. If your exposure to sunlight is extreme, you need a powerful sunblock. If it isn’t  then light ones are available. Women who have to stand in the sun sometimes take umbrellas with them. It also protects their skin, especially of the face.
• Pollution: The only protection you can give yourself against this problem is to avoid it. Do not stand in areas where there is a lot of smoke or gases, especially those released by auto-mobiles  Avoid polluted areas and try to keep wipes with you so that you can rub it against your skin if you feel that your skin has been exposed to a lot of pollutants and dirt.
• Bacteria: This certain item, you cannot avoid. All you can do is, try to make the damage a little less severe. Bacteria are found everywhere. It hardly takes seconds for you to engage yourself in bacteria even after taking a shower. In this situation, what you can do is, try to lessen the works by cleaning up several times daily. If you feel as if you have been exposed a little too much, try washing your face from time to time. It will clean it up and make it fresh and your chances of blackheads will be reduced immensely. Keep a disinfectant hand wash  It generally helps too. And do not rub your hands on your face too much since your hands have the highest percentage of bacteria.

What can happen?

If protection against them is not taken into consideration, the worst case scenario would be burnt and oily skin or the most prevalent skin condition; acne. With burnt skin, there is little you can do besides taking care to repair it. And with acne, the process is as long as the repair of burnt skin. However, your choices are not limited. There are several treatment processes but the best one is bound to be the Herbal treatment. A natural method at curing acne, it is extremely safe and is known to have no side effects like the other creams and supplements present. As the cherry on the top, it is also affordable! Not very expensive and giving the benefits of nature and health, the herbal acne treatment can cure your acne at any stage, whatever the degree of severity.


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