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Sleep Therapy And Acne

Introduction And Background

If you are reading this article, it can mean two things; either you have acne or you know somebody who has acne. Well, if you have acne then read carefully, not that your attention will be any less if a friend has it. Acne is a terribly skin condition. I’m sure I don’t need to give any introductions or background into this. However, what you do need to do know is that there is no direct treatment method for acne. Many people turn to allopathic treatment, some turn to homeopathic treatment while some turn to herbal methods of treating acne. One can surely get confused with all the treatment processes available! But tell me this…have you ever tried sleep therapy?

Lack Of Sleep Can Aggravate Acne
This is a basic fact. If you do not sleep well, chances are that you might aggravate your acne or you might even get acne because of it. Lack of sleep can make the inflammation greater on your skin and it is clearly visibly to the person that something is occurring in the skin. If you do not sleep enough on a daily basis, chances are that your skin will secrete more oil which is not good for the acne. It also increases stress levels and creates a hormonal imbalance which is again not very good for the skin and it is horrible for the acne! It can induce the body into getting acne because sleeplessness can affect the regulation of hormones considerably! It also causes a resistance to insulin which can cause acne too. It is safe to say that sleep is really important. It is important to not get acne and it is important to cure acne. The lack of sleep in your daily life might just be the reason of why you have acne.

Apply Sleep Therapy
Equally important as the medicines you take for acne, or perhaps even more than that, sleep therapy are one of the leading mechanisms of ‘fixing’ the acne. And I do not mean making the daily eight hours by sleeping in the afternoon and then taking a nap at night. I meant properly sleeping at one time during the night which keeps you refreshed and alert during the day. It reduces stress levels in the body and keeps the hormones in check. You’ll know that the oxygen reaches the skin cells at a higher pace while you are asleep and the dermis will regenerate during the sleep time, saving your skin if it has been damaged from sun exposure or any other harmful thing.

A Tough Cure
Do not take the matter of acne lightly. It takes a really long time to cure but the bright side is that there is a cure for acne. You only have to be patient and do the right things by your body and pretty soon, things will either settle or you’ll be on the right path to fix them. Curing acne does take time and it does not only work on doing one thing for the body. There are several things combined. For example, sleep therapy is not the only thing you should be doing. I’ll admit it is one of the important things you should be doing but there are other important things as well such as eating a well balanced meal daily and making sure that there is no nutritional deficiency in the body. Try eating fruits and vegetables and make certain that you’re getting enough protein in your diet. Drink a lot of water. This is as important as sleep. Drinking water detoxifies the body and makes sure the system remains clean and running. If you do not drink enough water, you’re only making your skin suffer.

Can Sleep Therapy Alone Cure Acne?
It might. Every skin is different and it really depends on the healing system of the individual as well. You’ll notice that some people might get rid of their acne quickly and if you asked them what happened, they’ll say they just woke up the next morning and it was gone. The first instinct would be that they are lying but they just might be telling the truth. Sleep therapy is really important for curing acne. No matter what else you do with your skin, no matter how many products you apply on it or what foods you eat, it might not work if you are not getting enough sleep. However, make sure you do the other things as well.

Well, you just got a chance to sleep more now! Acne is, and I repeat this, a really difficult thing to handle. It shatters you completely if you’re not brave enough to face the acne problem. Try doing whatever you can to fix it quickly and sleep on it!

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