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The Most Common Symptom Of Acne

Introduction And Background

Beauty can never get old, no matter how old the world gets. And of course, outward beauty is even more important in a time where models and the fashion industry are splashed on every magazine and on every billboard where you can’t really escape their perfect figure and perfect faces. Noticing the perfect faces makes one sad about the fact that ‘normal human beings’, those who aren’t splashed so publicly, have to deal with zits and skin conditions, worst of all acne. This skin condition is a major concern for those who have it because it takes away your self-esteem and sets you in really bad moods, often leading to depression as well.


Why Is Acne So Feared?

Acne is feared for two reasons. It disfigures the face a little if that is the area where acne has struck. The other reason why acne is feared is because it is really common. It is not a disease that strikes one person out of hundreds but almost everyone can get acne and most of them do in their lifetime. One should really do everything in their power to prevent acne from happening because when it does, the healing process can take longer than your patience will allow.


Symptoms Of Acne

The symptoms of acne are not many. There are five certain names you have to be aware of which are:
• Pimples (pustules)
• Nodules
• Cysts
• Blackheads
• Whiteheads
These are the symptoms of acne. Bear in mind that just having these symptoms does not really mean you have acne. Acne also dwells on the ‘quantity’ of these symptoms. For instance, a single pimple or two or three on the face does not mean you have acne. It just means that you have two or three pimples. However, if the situation worsens and you are suddenly struck with various pimples all concentrated on a specific area, then there are higher chances that you have mild or severe acne.


The Most Common Symptom Of Acne Is…?

This question does not have a direct answer. All the symptoms that have been listed above are common symptoms of acne. Some get pimples while others get cysts. Some experience acne with whiteheads while some with black. The point is, everyone experiences a different kind of acne and they get different spots due to the causes behind it. Thus, there really is no most common symptom of acne. But if you ask me, the most I’ve seen around are whiteheads. Girls are usually complaining about their whiteheads protruding out and looking really ugly. It can really mess up your confidence.


Are There Different Cures For Every Symptom?

With all these symptoms, everyone must be confused on what treatment program to follow or whether or not it is the same for all of them. Usually, in advertisements, there are no specifics on the kind of spots you have. They juts advertise on curing acne. And this is generally the case. You’ll find treatment kits for acne, not treatment kits for pustules or different ones for blackhead. But remember this; the way they are to be treated is a little different. For instance, whiteheads are generally more sensitive than blackheads. One should not touch them unnecessarily or aggravate them further. They are bound to leave marks otherwise.


Why Do We Get Acne?

This question can have a hundred possible answers. There really is no one direct answer. Some get acne because it is in their genes. If their parents had it during their childhood days or even the adult days, it is most likely that the child will also have them when he or she comes of age. Hygiene is another major cause behind acne. When people do not take care of their skin or clean it enough, they get clogged pores due to which inflammation occurs and pimples can form. If that is not taken care of then it can easily lead to a case of acne. At times, the skin is sensitive and a reaction can occur. The reaction can occur due to excessive sunlight or a lot of heat or any underlying bacteria that has come onto the skin. This can also easily lead to acne. Basically, it all comes down to the same thing; take care of your skin or those one or two pimples might turn into something you really don’t want to experience!



Acne is not something to take lightly. If left untreated, it can really get worse and this is not something that becomes okay after a week or so. Healing acne takes a long time and usually people are not patient enough to wait for that to happen. Nourish the skin and keep it clean, saving yourself from one of the most terrible skin conditions.


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