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The protective functions of skin

Introduction and Background

When you are in a sound sleep and your hand catches of fire, you are getting awakened before the fire burns your hand. You do it automatically, without seeing the fire harming you. How do you do that? Obviously your reflex action does it for you and your central nervous system organizes the whole method to safeguard you from fire without messaging anything to any part of your brain controlling the consciousness. Fire provides an excessive temperature to the skin and sends this message to your brain. Your brain centrally controls your hand to move out of fire instantly. The complete procedure becomes possible as your skin is deliberately engaged with the motor sensor activity. Thus you can have your skin involved in safeguarding yourself on every occasion when the physical impulse comes up with action externally.

There are few prime functions with your skin saving you from external impulses by sending sensual alertness to the brain. It helps you become protected from numerous attacks of germs and substances.

  • Your skin keeps a role by acting as a physical barrier while hot sun, dirt and dust, and terrible winter usually hurt you.
  • There are multiple glands underneath the skin. One of them is the sebaceous gland. It reproduces poisonous substances to protect the body from bacteria.
  • Micro organism cannot do so far because of the defense created by the skin.
  • Your skin keeps the balance of your body by releasing the sweat.
  • Sweat glands of the skin release components which directly destroy the bacteria.
  • It is the sensual part of your organs. Your skin conducts the message to the brain and receives the message from brain as well to the particular organ to react within the fraction of a moment.
  • Your body is fully covered with your skin and it is the skin which protects your body from any external attack or threat. Skin is fully integrated with the nervous system as it reacts instantly against any action we make or we are to make. For an example when somebody admire of you, your skin begins to blush and it starts becoming pale when you fall into any danger.

Temperature regulation

One of the most important protective activities of skin is to regulate the temperature of the body. Human organs consistently generate heat and this could be regulated by skin more than other parts of the body. For example, if the temperature of your head becomes high skin regulates it by means of spreading it all over the body. Since your skin can be directly connected with the capillary, heat can be transferred through blood remaining in the capillary and finally creates the equilibrium by spreading it to every corner of the body. Thus the temperature in each part of the body remains quite same. On the other hand in the winter your skin receives heat from blood as well as receives heat from external objects and thus keeps the body getting warm every time.

Water resistance

Another remarkable function of skin is to resist water like a protective covering. Parts of the skin are in process of continuously renewing themselves and dead skins are fallen at the same time to rebuild the structure. Waterproofing is one of the most fundamental functions under the situation while skins are drenched with rain or you are taking a shower. A layer of cells is fundamentally engaged with this project. At the same time this layer also help your body retain as much water as needed. It protects the body from losing excessive water.


One of the functions of Melanin is about to determine the color of skin. The more melanin one has on skin the better is to protect the body from getting sunburned. So, using melanin skin protects itself as well as the complete body from the dangerous ultraviolet ray of the sunshine.

The skin protects the body from getting damaged by the infection as it is the first encountering area to be hit by germs. Any small or big infectious disease warns the individual to go for treatment so that other part of body will be rescued.


Though skin does numerous protective works for you sometimes getting caught by skin diseases the skin makes the person get under the hazard. Being one of the most reachable parts of your body the skin should get lots of care every day. Skin may have many diseases which ultimately let you get the caution related to health. While protecting the body from external substances the skin alone is under the risk of catching contagious diseases. All you need to do is taking care of your skin as it only is a part of the consciousness and decency. To take care of the skin you solely need to know how it remains good in everyday life other than how to get rid of distinct skin diseases.






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