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The Rationale of Multi-Component Acne Kits

Introduction and background

Because of its severity, seriousness and longer duration (chronicity), acne can be frustrating to get rid of, and it can make you feel self conscious. The high cost of acne medications can prevent you from getting treatment. However, there are ways to get acne products inexpensively. To treat acne inexpensively, you must first try over-the-counter (OTC) medications before moving on to more expensive, doctor-prescribed treatments. Keep in mind that acne is not caused by foods or dirt. However, it can be caused or worsened by stress, beauty products, hormones, and rough treatment of the skin.
1- Relax and take deep breaths throughout the day to reduce stress. Exercise can also help put your mind at ease. Remember to keep your hands off your face unless you are washing it. Some people tend to touch and pick at their faces when nervous, and that can exacerbate acne.
2- Buy a generic benzoyl peroxide cream, a facial wash containing salicylic acid, oil free moisturizer, and a toner or astringent. You can use inexpensive petroleum jelly as a moisturizer, and the toner/astringent can be replaced with witch hazel. These are the main products that comprise anti-acne kits.
3- Wash your face when you get up and before you go to bed. Always remove all makeup. Use the toner after you wash and rinse all soap off of your face, then put on the moisturizer. The benzoyl peroxide cream should be used on pimples and on problem areas. Follow the directions on the label since benzoyl peroxide can dry out skin with overuse.
4- Watch out for any irritation caused by these products. Some people are very sensitive or even allergic to some skin products. If irritation occurs, stop using the products and see a doctor if the case is severe. Also, if your face breaks out more with the products, then you are over-treating your skin and need to reduce the frequency of use to once a day or even every other day. Products marked “gentle” or “for sensitive skin” should be used in these instances.
5- If you are not seeing results after six to eight weeks, you may need to consider visiting a doctor to obtain prescription acne medication. However, do remember that almost all of the allopathic or medical drugs of medicines will have some side effects or complications associated with them. You should, therefore, be prepared for such effects both mentally and physically.

6- Schedule a doctor’s appointment. If you already have insurance or Medicaid, see a general practitioner or dermatologist. Normally, general practitioners have a lower co-payment and are easier to get into see. If you do not have health care coverage, find a cheap or free clinic. Free and low-cost health care is possible through different programs.
7- Use a herbal treatment kit: Because of its low cost, affordability, quality and safety, a multi-faceted acne treatment kits like those mentioned here can be your best bet in such a situation. Do remember that, most of the type, acne occurs simultaneously at many places and occurs in different stages and phases. It is, therefore, logical to use treatment that will address all sites, phases, stages, signs and symptoms of acne. We, therefore, recommend using a multi-component herbal anti-acne treatment kit that contains all the required components such as vanishing mask, face wash, emergency treatment, oils and other necessary steps.



Acne, as a disease, is annoying for some but for others, it’s a source of deep embarrassment. The shelves of cosmetic counters feature every new chemical, ointment and peel, promising to heal your pimples. If you’re looking for something more natural and in tune with your body, try using herbal treatments in your quest for blemish-free skin. Multi-component anti-acne kits provide one of the safest and cheapest solutions in such a situation. You should, however, do your home work before choosing any of such treatments. In addition, alternative medicine practitioners believe that acne is also caused by the skin releasing toxins when it perspires. Many of these practitioners recommend that patients use herbs to eliminate these harmful, acne-causing toxins. It is, therefore, highly recommended by such practitioners, naturopaths and herbalists to use herbal treatment kits to control, care for and even cure acne on permanent or long term basis.


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