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The Truth About Acne

Introduction and background

Everyone has heard about acne. It is the most common skin condition that strikes almost every teenager at least once. Ever wonder how acne develops? How it comes about even if you just have simple pimples around? Here, you will get to know all the truth about acne.

What is Acne?

Acne, you could say, is a disease that is prevalent mostly amongst teenagers. It consists of spots or cysts or bumps on the skin that accumulates on a single place and become the word ‘acne’.

How is Acne formed?

Acne is formed when the skin becomes oily and the hormonal sebum is elevated in a human being. This brings about clogged pores and oily hair follicles which lead to several inflammatory bumps.

Where does Acne strike the most?

Acne is known to strike on the face mostly. There is something known as a T-zone which is the oiliest part of the face. It is the forehead and the nose. Mostly, acne is found here and on the cheeks as well. It is also found on the shoulders and the back.

What are the factors behind the breakout of Acne?

There are many answers to this question. The breakout of acne is caused by:
• Hygiene is the major blame of the worldly population. And it is a justified blame. If you do not take care of your skin and let the pores of your face get clogged, your acne breakout is going nowhere.
• Dirt is also one of the leading causes of acne. If the atmosphere you live in is dirty and polluted, your skin will get more than its fair share of bacteria which will bring about acne.
• Research has shown that genes play a very strong part in acne. If in the past, or even the present, your parents have had acne then it is very likely you will get it too. It is not definite that you will, but chances are that you might.
• The junk food that contains a lot of fried objects and fats can also aid to the prevalence of acne, especially around the face.
• Believe it or not, mental stress is a major factor behind acne. Latest research is being done to figure out whether it is the hormonal changes in teenagers that bring about acne or the social stressful life that they lead.
• Drugs are also known to cause acne. And it is not just the ‘street’ drugs that are forbidden, some medicines also have acne as a side effect.
• Using cosmetics, especially very frequently, will only make your skin more vulnerable to this condition. Adult women and men get acne mainly due to this reason.

What are the harms of Acne?

Acne is not just a simple skin condition that will come and go. It affects every individual differently and many psychologists claim that it can lead to severe depression and lowered self esteem in adolescents and even adults. No one wants spots on their face. Many parents should realize this and start treatment on their kids before things get worse. They should not ‘wait it out’.

How to treat Acne?

Treatment of acne is a long process. You should be patient and tolerant because the acne is not going to disappear overnight. There are many dermatological approved creams available in the market that will help get rid of Acne. However, the best treatment process is the herbal treatment. Made with natural ingredients and with no absolutely no side effects, this will treat your acne and nourish your skin alongside it. They are pretty safe since they have no harmful effects and they aren’t that expensive either like all the other skin treatment plans. Another plus point of the herbal treatment is that they can treat any form of acne. Other creams are usually for some specific type of acne, whether it is mild or severe, but the herbal treatment is able to deal with all.


Not to worry, acne is not untreatable like some people say it is. It is better not to get caught up in it in the first place by taking care of your skin. But if you are caught up in it, do not lose hope or your self esteem. It has a treatment process which works. All you have to do is wait.

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