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Understanding The Aging Of Skin

Introduction And Background

Every skin ages. There has never been any skin in this entire world till now that has not aged somewhat. Of course, some are born with lucky and good skin that it does not show somehow but otherwise, every skin is meant to show signs of age. Some people can hide it with plastic surgery. But otherwise, there is no way out of that. Now, what exactly is aging of skin? We all know what it looks like but what really happens when the entire process takes place? What happened to our skin that it looks ten or twenty years older? And why is it that some people’s skin does not age as quickly as others? Read on further to know the answers to all these questions.

Types Of Aging
Before we start, we should know about the types of aging. There is one that is called extrinsic aging and the other is called intrinsic aging. If you have studied a little science then you must know that our skin is made up of several layers and that our genes also have a part to play in it.

  • Intrinsic Aging
    In other words, this is the type of aging that we cannot avoid and cannot do anything about. It is completely natural and comes with age, usually starting when we’re out of our teens. Not getting into too many complicated details, all you should know is that our skin has collagen and elastin in it which decreases as we grow older. This leads to wrinkling or sagging of the skin and less water is retained as the hormone responsible for it is also reduced. Thus, our skin is bound to age this way. Our skin does not remain as firm as it used to be because of all of this. Our eyes tend to become hollow and the texture also becomes noticeable. Our genes will also have a role to play in this.
  • Extrinsic Aging.
    This is the aging that can come from the outside exposure that the skin is getting. For example, a lot of exposure from the ultraviolet rays of the sun can lead to this quite easily. Your skin will become darker, it will look more worn out and it will definitely get more freckles and spots which will lead to not only skin aging but can also cause acne if things get worse.

Can We Stop The Aging Of Skin?
Sadly, the answer to this question is no. We cannot stop the aging of skin. It is a natural process that is bound to occur. However, one thing we can do is reduce the speed of the aging of skin and do everything we can to minimize the effects. For instance, you’ll notice that some people have younger looking skin than others, even though they are of the same age. Of course, their skin has aged too but it has aged considerably less than everyone else’s. What do they do that minimizes their aging of skin?

How To Reduce Or Delay The Aging Of Skin?
The first thing you have to do is to give your skin the nourishment it requires, whether it is topical nourishment or one that is taken by diet. You have to be very specific about this. Do not go out in the sun and get exposure that will probably trigger the aging process! Sun is good for the skin as it gives it a healthy glow but that can be taken in ten minutes as well. There is no need to get a tan. Also, do not let your skin get too dry as wrinkles can develop quite easily on dry skin. Try and moisturize it whenever you feel the need to so that the skin remains soft and supple rather than dry and scaly. Another thing you can do to reduce or delay the aging of skin is to eat the right kind of supplements. Make sure that you are drinking enough water as nothing can be better than that! It will make your skin strong and fresher looking. The food you eat is also important. Your vitamin intake should be of the daily requirement and you should ensure that fruits are also part of your meals as they can be very good for the skin.

It is a sad fact that the aging of skin cannot be stopped but as mentioned above, it can be delayed through certain kind of acts instilled in your daily routine. This way is much better than plastic surgery because we all admit plastic surgery looks fake and people only despair after having it. Eat your fruits and vegetables, drink a lot of water and try and stay out of the sun. Years from now, you’ll probably have the best skin out of all your age mates.

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