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Understanding the importance of water for skin health


Introduction and background

History is testament to the fact that human skin has always played a vital role in the socio-cultural revolution of human lives. Biologically and scientifically speaking, skin plays a central and core role in maintaining vital functions of human body such as protection, temperature control and regulation, excretion or secretion of waste nitrogenous materials, cosmetic and beautification role etc,. We know that heart needs oxygen to pump blood, brain needs glucose to perform its intelligent function, what does skin need? It is also a fact that like any other part of our bodies, this largest part (skin) also need a specific fuel to function. And this fuel is supplied by none other the compound that makes more than 70% of our body i.e. water.  This article will help you explain why water is needed by skin and what are its main functions other than providing regular nourishment to the skin. Read on to discover more.
|What is water?

By its physiochemical nature, water is a compound composed of two different gaseous elements i.e. oxygen and hydrogen. As stated above, water constitutes more than 2/3rd of human body and our body is primarily composed of trillion and zillions of cells. Each cell is a complete functional factory in its own and numerous living processes such as metabolism, excretion, cell division, growth, repair, respiration etc, are always going on in each of the cell on continuous basis.  None of these vital processes would occur in absence of water. Similarly skin is no exception and skin is also made up of trillions of cells of various types such as hair cells, follicular cells, epidermal cells, hypodermal cells etc.

Major functions of skin performed by water

The following key functions of skin can’t be performed without consistent and continuous supply of water:

Nutrition: What blood is to heart and glucose is to brain, water is to skin. The oxygen component of water acts as a major food to all types of skin cells.

Hydration: Hydration is process by which all layers, tissues and cellular elements of skin are replenished by water. This eventually leads to anti-aging effect and nutritive action. The overall impact is skin growth and repair.

Moisturizing effect: By providing uniform moisture particularly to the skin of face,  arms, neck and other parts of human body, water helps prevent skin from getting dry. This is especially important in hot / warm climate. This is one of the reasons why experts and health care providers recommend drinking even more water during summer season as more water is lost than gained due to perspiration / sweating.

How much water is needed for maintaining normal skin function?

Nutritionists and dieticians suggest that drinking at least 8 standard glasses of water would suffice the daily requirement of water by human body. However, it is better if you drink more water than this as it will also bring other health benefits including weight loss (remember, water acts as a natural appetite suppressant as well being a pure zero-calorie drink).
Is just drinking water sufficient for skin health?

The answer to this question is yes. However, if you are have an underlying skin problem such as acne in which water requirement by skin is increased significantly, it is always recommended to “locally” apply a water-based hydrating or moisturizing product as well, in addition to increasing your daily water intake by mouth.  This dual mode of administration of water (both locally and generally) will give rise to higher cure rate and quicker relief in acne.


It is crystal clear from the above discussion that water is essential for whole human body in general and for human skin in particular mainly because of its hydrating, moisturizing, and nutritive functions. This importance becomes even more crucial if someone is suffering from skin pathology such as acne. One of the most serious impacts of acne is that it tends to deprive human skin of water dye to the acute itching and dryness it produces. As a result, dermatologists and herbalists recommend even more consumption of water if you have acne. While drinking more water is always a good recommended idea, it also even better to apply a localized anti-acne or acne-care kit that contains sufficient hydrating and moisturizing products. Fortunately, with the advancement of herbal sciences and research, there have been quite a few good acne-care combination therapies that are 100% pure, natural and botanical in nature and contain certain water-based components as well. Studies, users testimonials have shown that these products, if chosen wisely and carefully and after due research could actually improve or even cure acne on permanent basis. For your ease and convenience, we have compared and summarized some of such products. We urge you analyze each of the products and then choose what would suit you the best economically, symptomatically and conveniently.

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