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Vanishing Creams

Introduction and background

In cosmetics, creams indicate a solid or semisolid emulsion. Different types of creams are available in the market to take care of the surface of the skin. Cream that seems to disappear when spread on the skin termed as vanishing cream. Such creams are used to keep the skin fresh and free of oils in summers. Definitely preparation of such creams is different from the one we use in winter as moisturizers. Vanishing creams contain a low fat and are faintly acidic in nature. In making any cream these features are ensured, that the cream should be;

  • Neutral or pleasant odor and color
  • Easy to spread, pleasant feeling during application
  • Easy penetration
  • Non-oily/ non-greasy after application
  • Non comedogenic
  • Well tolerance/ non-allergenic
  • Bring hydration


As beauty creams:

Vanishing creams are advertised as beauty creams but they are used mostly as pedestal for makeup. Before the arrival of vanishing creams make up base is usually made up of face powders. Loose face powders did not adhere well to the skin particularly when the skin is cleansed with soap and water and pat dried. It was found that when the powder adhered really good to face when applied on after some cream. Cold cream could have used but they gave greasy base to make up. Therefore, vanishing cream which is low in oil content proved naturally a good choice as a make up base and so called beauty cream.


Composition of vanishing cream:

Vanishing creams contain a polysaccharide that occurs naturally in animal fats as stearic acid. Because of this fact, they can also be called as stearate creams. Chemically they are an oil-in-water emulsion consisting of a stearic acid, an alkali, a polyol and water. The alkali forms soap with some of the stearic acid thereby producing an emulsion. The polyol (e.g. glycerin) makes the cream more spreadable.  Glycerin acts as humectants to help prevent the cream from drying out and cracking during storage in its container. Packaging the cream in a screw top jar or tube was also important in maintaining its water content. The foamy consistency of the cream is the result of the presence of alkali of carbonates and bicarbonates. These alkalis release carbon-di-oxide giving it foamy appearance.

Sheen Effect: One characteristic due to which these vanishing creams are preferred is the ‘sheen effect’. Rather than giving a caked look to the face, they give a natural attractive sheen to the skin.

Daily day creams: Vanishing Creams has the advantage of being non-greasy which makes them suitable for use during the day and by women with oily skin. In addition to keeping powder on the face, they also protect the skin from the elements such as ‘chapping winds’ and dry breezes. The presence of a humectant that they contain helps reduce moisture loss from dry skin. As vanishing creams have a semi-matt finish, they can also be used without powder to reduce the effects of oiliness and shine on skin.

Moisture locking power: The magical quality of vanishing cream that makes it a choice as daily cream is the moisture locking power. As many women know that moisture is the key element of a healthy skin, the mystical power of vanishing cream still eludes some women. It is equally effective for normal and oily skin types. An airy, non-sticky, fluffed up emulsion, the cream is not at all greasy and protect your skin’s natural moisture.

Lightens age spots: One important constituent of the cream is hydroquinone. This chemical is well known in dispelling sallowness and freckles.  Four percent hydroquinone applied consistently is supposed to vanish all the age spots. The purpose of the vanishing cream is to lighten unnecessary dark spots or discolorations on the skin. An airy, non-sticky, fluffed up emulsion, the cream is not at all greasy. The areas that are consistently exposed to the sun are prone to get darker. Vanishing cream helps prevent sun damage to the skin.


Some Hints:

Vanishing cream gives normal to oily skin a longer lasting oil control to help prevent skin problems associated with oil build-up.

When applying vanishing cream do apply some amount on hands and neck as well.

It is advisable to apply it before going out whether it’s sunny or not.



Lightly viscous in weight and density, adding virtually no greasiness to the moisturizer, vanishing cream is recommended essentially because of its oil content. Its regular use makes skin appear smoother. With the secret work of locking moisture going on at the background maintains a healthier skin. Acne-prone skins won’t have to worry about clogging pores. And a natural sheen can be enjoyed without the fear of skin dryness. Feels the beauty of vanishing cream on your skin right after it vanishes leaving an even and smoother look.


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