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Warning Signs Of Acne

Introduction And Background

The simple word of acne is the definition of not so simple a skin condition. The word itself strikes fear that is really a sight to behold. When people get acne, it really freaks them out. They think that they’ll never be able to get out of it again. But they do. One really has to work hard at it but know this that acne is not always there to stay. There are treatment methods and acne can heal with time. That’s the thing that confuses people. It takes a lot of time to heal acne which is why they think that it can’t be healed. But all they need is a little patience, that’s all.

What Are The Warning Signs Of Acne?
As surprising as it may sound, people do confuse simple pimples with acne sometimes. One can clearly differentiate between the two. But the warning signs can often get confusing. That one is believable. Hence, here are a few warning signs of acne. If you have any of them, better start taking good care of your skin so that nothing happens in the future. Nevertheless, here they are:

  • The appearance of more than two pimples on the same area.
    The thing is, one or two pimples do not count as acne. They are simply what they are; pimples. If one pimple forms on the cheek while one forms on the forehead, it is not termed as acne. The pimple will probably disappear if you take good care of your skin and sometimes they disappear even if you don’t. The thing to beware of is when more than two pimples are forming the same area. If there are more than two, then you are probably getting into trouble and are on the road to getting acne. Try to take care of things as soon as possible because the sooner you figure out and deal with the skin problem, the sooner it gets better.
  • Bumpy and red skin.
    This is also another warning sign of acne, which most of us mostly ignore. Bumpy skin is taken to be an allergy at times or a rash but pretty soon when the bumps become even more irregular and the skin takes a deeper shade of red than usual that is another warning sign of acne to be worried about!
  • Oil and blackheads.
    If your skin is oilier than usual and blackheads seem to form, that is another sign of acne. With almost eighty percent of the people, it always leads to acne. Oily skin is not bad if you know how to handle it. Dry skin is much worse as it can bring about wrinkles. If you keep your skin to the minimum side of oily then things won’t get out of hand as they usually do. If you sense that your skin remains oily for longer periods of time and thus you feel it to be irritated and bumpy, that is the time to think about getting on the fast track to doing things for a healthier skin!

The Time And Patience Required
It is best that you recognize the warning signs of acne and take action against them before things start to get out of hand and you have a case of acne. It is not a skin condition that can be healed overnight. It takes a lot of time and effort to heal a case of acne. Some people only make things a little better after having worked on acne for a year and some even more than that! Your skin is a part of who you are and probably is treated as the most important aspect of the human body. It reflects who you are and how you treat yourself. If you are good with your skin, it will probably be good to you and if you aren’t, that will also show. So rather than dealing with the emotional trauma later on and forcing yourself to be patient to wait for the long time it will take for things to change, try to see the warning signs beforehand and do everything in your power to stop it before it gets too late.

A friend of mine had a warning sign of acne. His skin had formed three pimples on his forehead which he clearly dismissed as just something that will go away in a week. In two week’s time, he was suffering from acne. Thus, please do not ignore the warning signs and try to take the right steps towards getting rid of the ‘supposed acne’ as soon as you can. You can recognize the warning signs beforehand now and if your skin starts to feel bumpy or itchy and you see it to be more red with more than two pimples forming, it is time to get the acne healing machine out.

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  1. It’s good to know that just a few pimples don’t mean I’ll have acne. My brother has really bad acne and is looking into getting treatment with a dermatologist. I started to get pimples and was worried I’d get acne too, but it seems like it was just pimples.


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