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What Aggravates / Intensifies The Acne Symptoms?

Introduction And Background

You wake up one morning and realize that the few pimples or whiteheads that had formed around the face, the cheeks and the forehead, have finally crossed into the boundaries of acne. And all hell breaks loose. Acne is a skin condition that makes everyone’s skin crawl from fear. It is not liked at all and is usually the most common skin condition in teenagers and young adults. At this fruitful and sensitive age, getting acne can be the hardest thing. However, acne also heals a little quickly in young age, if one knows how to treat it properly. But keep in mind that knowing what to do is just as important as knowing what NOT to do. Don’t want to make that acne worse, do we?


What Intensifies The Acne Symptoms?

What intensifies the acne symptoms you ask? Well, there are a lot of things that can do that. Aggravating acne is a simple task really. One has to consistently take care of the acne to be sure that it won’t happen. Written below, here are a few things that can aggravate acne and cause it to spread or become worse:


• Sunlight
This aggravates acne in a number of ways, ones you would not even like to consider. Worst of all, excessive exposure to sunlight can cause the acne to darken, become more permanent and the spots to become aggravated as well. Normal exposure to sunlight is fine but excessive exposure can irritate the skin which will cause you to scratch or handle it. This is not good for the acne at all. One rule everyone must follow; do not touch the acne spots. And sunlight makes you do just the opposite. Make sure that you do not sit under the sunlight for too long.


• Eating Too Many Sweets
This has been known to aggravate acne or make it worse. You’ll find that people often blame their pimples on chocolates. While chocolates may be harmless and it is possible that they play no active role in the formation or onset of acne, they can worsen the condition because of their sugary content.


• Sleeping On The Same Bed sheets
Mane people are unaware of the germs they rest their cheeks on. They are unaware of the problems that could arise because of those germs. There are some who don’t change their bed sheets for months at a time. This is a leading cause of acne as well as a leading cause of aggravating acne further. Always change your bed sheets after a week.


• Dehydrating The Skin
Dry skin is not at all suitable for acne. It irritates and annoys and people often touch their skin or scratch it because of this, aggravating the acne. Make sure the skin is hydrated and moistened so to that it remains clean and does not clog pores and the skin does not stretch or become scaly due to the dryness. Otherwise, it might cause acne scarring and quickly too, at that.


• Touching The Face
You touch with your hands. Well, it must not come as a shock to you that the hand contains the greatest amount of germs and bacteria. The hands come into contact with possibly everything. We open doors with our hands, we shake hands with other people and we pick up objects with your hands. We do not realize the amount of germs that are on our hands! Furthermore, we touch our acne with the same hands, groaning and complaining without knowing that we’re actually making the situation worse by touching the face. Remember to keep the hands away from touching the face unnecessarily.


• Using Cosmetics
Everyone would know this. The use of cosmetics can greatly aggravate the acne. Women use cosmetics without realizing what they are getting themselves into. Cosmetics can dehydrate the skin and they can clog pores. This can easily bring about acne scarring or cause the acne to spread even more.

There are many other things that can aggravate or intensify the acne but these are the major ones. If you have acne and do not want to make it worse, start the treatment process immediately and take great care to avoid all of these things. Do not stay in the sunlight for too long, drink a lot of water and stay away from sweets, change the bed sheets every week and try not using excessive make up.



As I said before, knowing what not to do is equally essential as knowing what to do. Acne takes a long time to heal and a part of the treatment process lies in the fact that the acne should not be aggravated. Now that you know what can aggravate the acne, try to stay from the possibilities of doing those things.

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