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What Does A Vanishing Cream Do?

Introduction And Background

Many a times we visit cosmetic stores and find a lot of things that we have no idea how to use or what they are for. We find moisturizers, creams, cold creams, night creams and then vanishing creams. It is not that complicated once you know what you are looking for but before all of that chances are high that we will enter into a realm of confusion looking at all the rows of all the creams. It is easier to just ask for help from one of the workers but then again, they only sometimes know where a product lies, not what it does.

What Is A Vanishing Cream?
It is really easy to become confused on this particular subject matter. But the answer really lies in the word itself. A vanishing cream is a cream that vanishes. There is no sign of it on the skin after it has been applied. Vanishing creams are not just used because they are not apparent. Their use reaches out far beyond that for the benefit of the skin. But the name itself arises from this particular property of the cream.

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What Does A Vanishing Cream Do?
A vanishing cream not helps a lot to moisturize the skin. However, it is not all that it does. Vanishing creams are actually quite useful. A lot of people use them. Here are some of the things that a vanishing cream does:

  • It helps to keep the skin moisturized. This action is pretty much like that of a cold cream so if you are searching for one of the things, either will perform the action. In dry and cold areas, a lot of people use vanishing creams to keep their skin from becoming rough and scaly. It is great in capturing the water of the skin and also giving it a clearer and fresher look than before.
  • It is sometimes used as the base for cosmetics and make-up and even just plain foundation. Vanishing cream is not a beautifying cream but rather a protective covering that the skin gets so that it does not get harmed by all the chemicals that cosmetics usually contain. It is easier for pores to be blocked if you apply on things without putting on a cream first, vanishing cream in this case scenario. It also makes the powders and the make-up stuff adhere to the skin in a gentler and more natural fashion.
  • Vanishing creams are also helpful in keeping the skin afresh. Vanishing creams retain the moisture and this helps in keeping the skin healthy. It also maintains a certain tautness that is sometimes missing as the person gets older in age. Their skin tends to sag. Vanishing creams have been known to deal with that problem too.
  • Best yet, vanishing creams make pimples vanish. The name does not only go for the disappearance of any sign of the cream itself but also what it takes along with it! Vanishing creams can actually make pimples and spots appear less significant or make them disappear on a whole in a period of three to four days. What can get better than this?

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A Word Of Caution…
Vanishing creams are not to be used all the time and they do not remove marks of acne scarring. There has been reported use of vanishing creams against acne scarring. It does not remove scars but only heals the acne as well as it can. It would be futile to use this cream against acne scars as there are other remedies and processes for that. Vanishing creams are only helpful in making the skin healthy and to make pimples and spots vanish as much as possible.

Not Sticky, Not Oily…
A great benefit of using vanishing creams is that it does not stick or annoy the skin. There are creams which make one feel as if they have put something really sticky on their face. Vanishing creams also do not give an oily feeling and as they vanish quickly in absorbance by the skin, it is sometimes the most preferred type of cream in the market. Many of the cream names that you will see in markets telling of disappearance of pimples after applied usage will most probably be vanishing creams!

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Using a vanishing cream against pimples is a very smart move. It is actually quite helpful in getting rid of them. However, do not think to use it against removing redness of skin or scars. It will not really work. Vanishing creams can be used as moisturizers as well and they are pretty good in giving the skin what it needs. It is best to do a little research to find out which vanishing cream is best (company wise) before choosing.

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    I didn’t realize that “vanishing creams,” do exist. Although, my moisturizer can be considered as that because it does disappear in my face right away. I’ll check on this Exposed Moisture Complex and see if it fits my combination skin and my acne problems. Thanks for sharing!

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