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What does your skin do?

Introduction and background

Ever wondered what does your skin do for your whole being? You will be surprised to know some the functions that your skin performs. While in addition to being a host of various diseases (when exposed), your skin can actually protect and prevent you against number of viruses, fungi and bacteria as well. This article is intended to highlight some of the major and common functions your skin performs.

What is skin?

By its simplest definition, skin is the most superficial or outermost layer on human body. In itself, it is composed of three different layers namely epidermis (the outermost or external), dermis (the middle one) and endo or hypodermis (the lower or inner most).  Each of these layers has its own function. Anatomically, skin has been defined as the largest organ of human body as its cover the entire body and its various parts.

Major functions of skin

Following are some of the major functions of human skin:

1- Excretion: The tiny, minute skin pores that are billions and trillions on your human body act as small ventilation and sewerage pipes for various glands and organs of your body. The phenomenon of sweating or perspiration has a central role for this and helps us get rid of many unwanted materials, nitrogenous wastes, ammonia and other toxic substances.

2- Beautification: One of the most important functions of your skin is to beautify your appearance and give new “looks” to your personality. That is why, the skin care industry is now considered a multi-billion dollar industry worldwide. Ranging from anti-aging, anti-acne or acne care, weather relief (cold creams and vaselines), make-up cleansers and all, they now literally have everything to choose from.

3- Protection: One of the most important functions our skin performs is that is protection. It protects our scars, wounds, and, most importantly, our internal organs from damage. If skin won’t be there, our internal organ, parts and glands will become vulnerable and completely exposed to mechanical and physical damage. Furthermore, bacteria, parasites and viruses will attack directly on our internal body. Therefore, some researchers have even classified protection as the most important function our skin does for us.

4- Temperature regulation: Our skin acts as a natural temperature regulator by means of a natural process known as “homeostasis”. Through its various , pores, hair follicles and layers, skin helps us keep warmer during the cold and cooler during the hot summer days. Also, without skin’s thermal function, we would be greatly exposed to frost-bite or heat stroke.

Skin and disease

Here, it is worth-mentioning that while skin does protect us against various diseases, it left without care and in bad hygiene, it could actually act as a host of various pathogens and microorganisms. Because of countless hair follicles, skin pores and glands, the skin could actually turn out into an ideal colony for the growth and reproduction of various bacteria, viruses, parasites, fungi etc. Some of the examples of such diseases include scabies, folliculitis, boil etc. Therefore, it is crucial that one keeps his / her skin in best form and shape and clean and maintain it with best tips and products available.

Acne and skin

It would be unjust not to talk about one of most common problems associated with skin i.e. acne. Acne is a disease common in teenage years and is characterized by appearance of pimples of face, arms, necks, back and other parts of the body. While acne is not contagious, it could be transferred via genes (family history).  Other risk factors include oily skin, bad skin care and hygiene and teenage years. Fortunately, due to advancements of science and particularly herbal sciences, more and more natural, organic and botanical products are being arrived in the skin care industry which offer numerous benefits such as economy, safety, efficacy, effectiveness, convenience, ease-of-usage and other factors.


All in all, it is pertinent to say that skin is one of the most vital organs of our life and without skin, we can’t really live. While it offers numerous benefits, if not properly taken care it could lead to some harmful diseases and conditions such as infections and acne.  You should therefore give your skin the importance it deserves and should perform some essential research before choosing the skin products for regular use. If you are suffering from acne and looking for some quality products at cheap price, we urge you to visit our editor’s choice section to compare and analyze some of the core products of the treatment of acne.  They offer some other great benefits such as long-term acne care and cure, economical costs, ease of application and high patience compliance without any significant side effects. Almost all of these products act as combination therapy i.e. as whole acne therapy systems or kits that act in multiple steps and stages to eliminate the disease completely and from its very root.


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