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What Is Baby Acne?

Introduction And Background

We’ve mostly heard the word acne come from the mouth of teenagers. Even the advertisements that are shown on television target this age group the most because it is a commonly known fact that teenagers are the ones who are most commonly struck with this skin condition. Nonetheless, even young adults have them. Acne is not just a teenage phenomenon. There are many people in their twenties or thirties who face acne problems. And since their skin is not as young and as fresh as a teen’s, they are generally more worried about their acne getting better. However, the thing you will be most surprised to hear is that even babies have acne! Yes, the beings we thought that always have flawless skin do have acne sometimes! Read on further to see what baby acne is and how it is caused.

What Is Baby Acne?
When a baby is born, sometimes you often see red bumps around their face and body about two to three weeks later. The red bumps are called baby acne. Baby acne is not something to be scared of. It is not rare or common but occurs naturally sometimes. Parents often worry a lot about the red spots around the face of their precious newborn but the doctors merely tell them that it is nothing to worry about and is just baby acne.

How Is Baby Acne Caused?
Baby acne is caused mostly because of the exchange of hormones between the mother and the baby while the baby is still connected to her through her placenta. The newborn gets these extra hormones which can stimulate the glands of their body to secrete oil which can easily lead to red bumps since their skin is so sensitive.

How Does Baby Acne Look?
Sometimes the newborn comes out of their mother’s womb with baby acne but research has shown that it is more commonly seen three to four weeks after birth. Baby acne is just red pimples and spots that are mostly located around the cheeks or the forehead. In some cases, whiteheads have also been reported as one of the symptoms of baby acne.

Is The Baby Acne Contagious?
Not at all. It is just like normal acne. This misconception is pretty popular amongst all ages that acne can sometimes be contagious. Acne is not at all contagious. Even if you rub your skin against the skin of a person who has acne, you still won’t get it. Thus, baby acne is not contagious as well.

The Duration Of Baby Acne Is…
This will be the answer the parents will be most interested in. No one wants acne on their newborn child, especially when a baby is supposed to have pure and smooth skin! Baby acne tends to disappear around the fifth of the sixth month of a newborn’s life. It can be earlier than that if you work hard to remove it from the baby’s body but mostly it takes about four to five months.

The Treatment Of Baby Acne
Babies have really natural and sensitive skin so it will not do any good to give them acne treatment processes like the ones used on adults. It is best to wait for their acne to vanish which it will eventually. However, it is good to soothe the baby’s skin with warm water and to massage and nourish it naturally. Do not use any medication until or unless the doctor prescribes you to. You should also wait till the sixth month of the baby’s life to think about going to the doctor to help with the medication process.

Is Baby Acne Dangerous?
No, it isn’t. It seems to be itchy at times but then again a baby cannot really tell us what it is feeling. Thus, baby acne is not dangerous but might be annoying for the parents and the baby at times. The baby feels the need to scratch it perhaps and the parents hate any kind of sign on the body of their child which has to do with acne.

Baby Acne’s Occurrence
As mentioned again and again in this article, baby acne is not a rare thing. Most babies who are at the gassy stage of their diet experience it a lot often than you might think. Do not worry about baby acne and make sure that your baby does not worry about it either! Do not let the baby scratch, that should be your main agenda.

Babies are still cute, even if they do have these red bumps on their face. Parents should not go crazy about the acne because it is very different from adult acne and is known to vanish by itself after a few months. The only thing a parent should do is love and nurture their baby.


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