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What Is Skin Allergy?

Introduction And Background

Almost everyone has some sort of allergy. Some are allergic to pollen while some have allergies against honeybees. Some people even joke and claim they have allergies against someone specific. However, one thing no one really jokes about is skin allergies. They’re something everyone fears on and off because skin allergies often disfigure the skin in certain ways and who would want that?

What Is An Allergy?

An allergy is when your body has a reaction to some specific antigen or any foreign substance which your body considers as dangerous. What happens then is that the immune system is activated and antibodies (germ fighting cells) are formed which override the substance and combat it.


What Is Skin Allergy?

Skin allergy is no different. If there is a foreign particle that has invaded the body, the reaction can affect the skin and the tissues underneath. This can be seen by the typical eye and are considered as symptoms of an allergic reaction.


What Are The Causes Of Skin Allergies?

There are various types of skin allergies present in the world. There are already so many of them but most of them are common and their causes are well known:
• Nickel
Who knew this element could be the cause behind an allergy? It is frequently found in items such as jeweler or watches or even a few cooking utensils.
• Typical Fragrance
There are smells and scents to which a person can become allergic. For instance, there would be a certain type of perfume that can make a person sneeze constantly.
• Formaldehyde
A substance often used in various products found at homes, it is also one of the top ten causes of an allergic reaction.
• Pollen or Dust
Almost everyone has an allergic reaction to dust when they cough and sneeze and their nose becomes really red! However, most are also sensitive to pollen and become allergic when spring comes around.
• Sunlight
Believe it or not, there are human beings in this world who are somewhat allergic to sunlight! This happen only with extensive exposure though.
• Honeybee Sting
A most common cause of an allergic reaction, even small kids know to stay away from a honeybee hive.
• Bacteria
When a specific bacteria (could be any according to what humans are allergic to) invades the body, it can cause a severe allergic reaction.
• Poison Ivy
This is a plant which causes an allergic reaction in the skin and is one of the most common on skin allergic reactions.


Signs And Symptoms

Skin allergies are very easy to identify because their signs and symptoms are pretty obvious. However, it’ll be easy to tell that it is a skin allergy but to know what type is a bit difficult. For that, you’ll have to know the symptoms of the diagnosis of that kind of allergy. Here is some valuable information:


Classic Signs Of Skin Allergies

There will be redness, a bit of swelling and a little itching might even occur. A rash is pretty common. Blisters might even occur but the classic signs remain with the reddening of skin and wanting to scratch it.


Symptoms Of Specific Skin Allergies

• Eczema
This occurs because of atopic dermatitis. It occurs due to scratching is commonly found in children around the chest and the cheeks when they are able to scratch themselves. A rash develops which is red and bumpy and can even contain blisters. There are even a few areas where the skin is broken and condemned due to violent scratching done.


• Hives
This skin allergy is found in every age. It also has a rash but a fairly temporary one which can disappear if one doesn’t aggravate it further by scratching but that is hard because a person feels very itchy during this allergy.


• Contact Dermatitis
This can happen with any substance that can cause a reaction with the skin, causing it to itch or become really red. It can happen with using some sort of cosmetics that doesn’t suit the skin or any other chemical substance that can cause a severe reaction. The rash appears only on areas of direct contact.



A lot of people are terrified when they see some redness or their skin begins to itch. They think that something really wrong is happening. In such cases, one shouldn’t be worried. And one should definitely not touch their skin. Touching the skin during an allergy will only irritate it further. Symptoms can appear anywhere on the body but the most common areas are around the elbows, knees and the shoulder area. Red, scaly patches can be formed and blisters are also pretty common. They can be treated quite easily so one should not be worried. Just don’t scratch or it’ll be worse.

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