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What Is The Commonest Type Of Acne?

Introduction And Background

Acne is like a plague for people. Most are afraid of it, others fear and only some are blessed with the flawless skin that the entire population on earth would kill for. Acne is really common, especially in teenagers. With puberty on the rise and the hormonal changes that teenagers go through, they are the age group that are most attacked with this skin condition. Usually, it clears up because it is just a ‘teenage’ thing but one should be careful with it. If it is not taken care of or treated in time, it could become a worse case.


Can Acne Be Cured?

Of course, acne can be cured. A lot of people are under the influence of thought that acne is a condition that has no cure and one can only make it a little presentable but it cannot be cured completely. This school of thought is completely wrong. Acne can very well be cured, even in the middle ages or adult acne. All one has to do is find out the treatment methods and follow them. Eating a healthy diet filled with fruits and vegetables is also important and it is essential to drink sufficient amount of water daily as well. To understand the acne better, one must know the types of acne so that it can be treated accordingly.


What Are The Different Degrees Of Acne?

There are only two degrees of acne. There is mild acne and then there is severe acne. Mild acne is, true to the name, the milder form of acne. The pimples and bumps are not really that bad and with the proper treatment and gentle care, the mild acne disappears completely after a few weeks if not a few days. The severe acne, on the other hand, is really something else. The process to heal severe acne takes a lot longer and it is more prominent and more likely to leave scars. Acne scarring is another thing many people dread.

What Is The Commonest Type Of Acne?

The answer to that would be Acne vulgaris. It is the most common type of acne that people usually get. The lesions in acne vulgaris usually consist of pustules, whiteheads, blackheads and nodules in some cases. The whiteheads are the small bumps which would have a white substance protruding from it. It is usually caused by the dead skin cells and bacteria trapped in a skin pore. The blackheads are the black small spots that can accumulate in a certain area and they are also caused by some bacteria that lie on the skin. Pustules are a little similar to whiteheads but instead of having a white ‘head’, they have a sort of yellow head instead. They are also bumpy and red and more prominent than whiteheads and blackheads both. Nodules have a larger appearance and are usually found in the severe form of acne. They are prominent and large and are kind of like hard lumps which have taken root on the skin. These are all the things that one would find in acne vulgaris. Acne vulgaris, being the most common type of acne, is usually found in more than eighty nine percent of the population who are struck with acne. Teenagers are mostly struck with acne vulgaris and since they are the population who get acne the most, it was bound to be the most common.


Are There Any Other Types Of Acne?

Yes, there are. Acne vulgaris may be the most common but there are other types of acne which are not very far behind. There is acne Rosacea. In this kind of acne, the danger of tissue growth and acne scarring is high and it is preferred that you consult a doctor before residing on your own ways of treatment. This type of acne mostly occurs in middle aged people and the spots are fairly larger than the ones that occur in acne vulgaris. Differentiating between the two is easy and although the skin condition might be the same, the treatment methods are a little different. It is best to consult someone before starting on one.



Acne can easily make a person depressed or sad and can literally kill the self confidence of a youngster. At times, it can even kill the self confidence of an elderly or learned person. However, one should just know that acne is curable and a better understanding of the type of acne they have and the degree of acne they have will only make the treatment process faster and better. By utilizing the internet and all the information that is now available on acne, one should be on the fast process to healing their acne condition. After all, a beautiful skin is what everyone wants really.

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