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What You Might Not Know About Pimples

Introduction and background

Pimples and zits are a teenager’s worst nightmare. Acne is the terrorizing reality that many adults and teenagers fear. But do they really know that they might be the ones to bring this about on themselves? Even by the little things they do every day, they could still be the ones responsible for the developing pimples on their face or the dark spots that seem to be coming out of nowhere. And then acne develops, a skin condition most hate to have. Here are some things you might want to consider during your daily routine. Think about it.

Some Facts

• The Hair Products that you so extensively use on your hair can sometimes (or most of the time) come on your face. The hair falls on your face. Or when you spray on your hair, there is no mask on the face to protect it from the flying molecules. And the skin I very sensitive to foreign agents. It immediately reacts.
• Stop touching your face or scratching unnecessarily. Some people have a habit of putting their hands on their face without thinking that the hands have been almost everywhere and is the body part that is likely to have the most germs and bacteria. Do not transfer them to your face without cause.
• Where you sleep is a place where you spend a good many hours of your day. If the place isn’t cleaned, that is if the sheets are regularly washed and changed, the germs and bacteria will probably affect your face, especially if you lie with your face downward. It is better to sleep on your back.
• Items such as telephones and mufflers, which stay close to or on the face, should be clean. With phones, do not talk for long periods because the radiation emitted from the device can cause irritation and damage to the skin.
• Leaving Make-up on for a long time is not good. All the chemicals on the skin will damage the pores and clog it, forming bumps that will develop into marks or pimples. Wash your face with a good cleanser the moment you think the make-up is no longer required on your face. Many people also make the mistake of sleeping with it on because they are too tired to clean it away. This has unimaginable repercussions on the skin.
• Smoking also damages the skin. It makes it pale, greasy and even scaly at times.
• Avoid standing or leaning against public items such as a bench or a window or even a desk. It’s not like you’ll get pimple the minute you touch anything but a level of hygiene has to be maintained.
These facts are just to tell you about things you might have skipped while learning to take care of the skin. It is the little things and the daily elements of your life that can make all the difference. However, if you still get skin conditions such as pimples or in the worst case scenario Acne, here’s what to do.

Acne Solution

It is indeed curable. A misconception usually makes people think that a spot or mark on their face once there will never leave. That is not true. With the medical advancements, there are even herbal treatment methods available now which are supplements made from all the natural ingredients that have the power to cure acne and normalize the skin again. This specific herbal treatment method comes cheap. It is not expensive at all but do not think that because of the price, it won’t be effective. It has the best reviews by those who have used it. The components of the herbal treatment supplements are able to deal with mild as well as severe acne.


Think about how you spend your day and what you do that could possibly be the reason behind the pimples or zits on your face. And then think about what you can do to make it better. However, there is no reason to analyse each and every movement. Just observe the things you do that involve the face and then try to avoid them, especially if there are chances that the simple innocent acts such as open hair spraying could cost you a face mark.


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  1. Thanks! Hahaha, of course I won’t pin the blame on you Everyone has their own pacitrular skin conditions, so it can be great for you and not for me My skin is combination/slightly oily, so definitely no, I don’t think that something thick and greasy can be great for me Yay!, I’ll be waiting for next article then In the meantime, trying to stay in the shadow as frequently as possible is turning out to be a decent solution When the going gets tough, a large summer straw hat will be helping a lot, too!


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