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Why And How Much Water For A Glowing Skin?

Introduction And Background

There must be countless times in life you might have heard the phrase ‘Water is life.’ It is not just a phrase but a fact. Water IS life. Without it, you cannot stay alive. You cannot live a healthy and balanced life. You cannot uphold all the chemical reactions that have to take place inside the body, scientifically speaking. And most of all, you cannot have a beautiful looking skin. Even if you drink water, you still cannot have it because you must drink a SUFFICIENT amount of water. Pay extra attention to the key words here.


Why Is Water Necessary?

As mentioned above, we cannot live without water. It is what keeps us healthy, what delivers all that is transferred in the body and is an important component of every single cell present inside us. Without water, we would become extremely weak and eventually, we would die of thirst or some other deficiency that would come about because of it. It is important to drink water every day, and not just the amount we need. If we drink more than that, it would be even more beneficial to us, especially to the skin.


Does Water Make The Skin Glow?

Yes! This is a fact and not just an experimental thesis. Those people who drink more than their allotted average amount of water have the freshest looking skin out of all. I have an aunt who is almost fifty five years old and she has better looking skin than I do! Water makes the skin incredibly beautiful. It does it because it is basically a detoxifier. It detoxifies your body considerably and because of that it also makes the skin more stable and healthier looking. It provides a certain glow that cannot come with anything else.


How Much Water Is Needed For Glowing Skin?

As I say repeatedly, sufficient water is not enough for glowing skin. Of course, it keeps the body running and the system goes smoothly. Even the skin stays fresh. But it does not glow. For glowing skin, you’ll have to drink more than the amount required. For instance, the average person has almost six to eight glasses of water every day. You’ll need to drink more than that for the absolute glowing skin. And in the summers, especially when you feel a lot more thirsty than usual, you should advantage of that fact and go crazy on water. It is one thing that can not harm you, even if you have it excessively. It cleans your body and all the toxic waste present inside it to leave you all clean and cleared.

Why Is Sufficient Water Not Enough For Glowing Skin?

Sufficient water is utilized in keeping your body running. For instance, if you drink six to eight glasses of water every day, you’ll only be drinking what is required. It would fulfill all the chemical reactions and actions that are to be held inside your body and it would also benefit your skin but not as much as a little extra amount of water can. It’s like cleaning a dish filled with oil. You use sufficient water, it will clean it. But if you use a little extra water in the end, it will become even cleaner looking. This is exactly what happens with the body. Drink more water, get more glowing skin.

Can Drinking Excessive Water Harm Me?

Water is not like sunlight and this question is even answered above. Excessive drinking of water cannot harm you. Of course there is only so much water that you can drink and anyone won’t be able to drink more than that otherwise they would feel as if their stomach would burst. But do not be afraid of making yourself drink more. Like I said, it is not like sunlight that too much of it can bring harms.


Is The Amount For Glowing Skin Different In Winters And Summers?

Yes, it is. You’ll notice that you do not feel that thirsty in winters and even forget to drink water at times! Your body is not losing water through sweating or cooling itself through various other forms of water loss from the body but you still need water. Of course, in summers you need to keep a valid check on yourself and keep drinking water to keep your skin from getting dehydrated. You drink more than that to keep your skin glowing. But in winters, even the sufficient amount is enough (that is six to eight glasses of water) for glowing skin.



Water is the best solution to all your skin problems. Sometimes, pale skin and even pimple ridden skin is cured by having water. It is the greatest detoxifier that your body can get. Utilize it and give yourself the glow you wish for.


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