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Why Water Is Important For Skin?

Introduction And Background

The world is made up of seventy percent water and thirty percent land. Our body has somewhat the same statistics but of course, instead of land we have solid body parts. They say water is life and they are not wrong. Water is the most important compound present. It aids in everything. It is important for the plans to photosynthesize and release oxygen into the atmosphere, which keeps us alive. It aids in almost every chemical reaction that takes place inside the body which means digestions, ingestion, absorption, circulation, reaction and many others. But water is essentially important for good skin.


Why Is Water Important For Skin?

You’ll wonder what role water has to play for the skin right? Well, I won’t tell you about a single role but in fact many roles that water plays for the skin. And here I go.
• It is a component of many of the essential and vital body fluids that we have. There is water in tears, in our saliva. There is water in our sweat and the excretion of fluids. There is water in our blood! Now, you’ll be wondering what these body fluids have to do with skin. Well, for one, water clears up the system inside so that the skin can look fresh. Otherwise our skin is mightily affected by the toxicity inside. Ever seen patients whose livers don’t function well and they have to undergo dialysis? Their skin is all yellow and it looks really bad. Well, you’ll know how important it is to get rid of excretory waste. The sweat also clears our skin and tears, happy or sad, clean our eyes.
• Water regulates the body temperature by perspiration, mentioned above as well. It cleans out the pores of our skin as well which is good because then there are less chances of clogged pores or getting conditions such as acne. You can call it a moisturizer for the skin and the hair.
• Water is what makes our skin glow. It makes our skin more elastic and provides it with a certain spark. Those who drink sufficient amounts of water have a really healthy looking skin.
• Drinking a lot of water since a young age ensures you don’t step too quickly into old age! There is research going on, on the basis of the fact that many people do not get wrinkles quickly and the ideology behind it is that it is because of their water content. In easier words, drinking sufficient amount of water can stop your wrinkles from forming!
• The cells of the body (that includes the skin cells), need water. Without it, they shrivel up and die. So do not put yourself in the dehydrated state or deprive your skin of being hydrated. It is important for it.
• Water has been known to cure the skin of blotches and pimples. This does not happen overnight but can come from a long term of water intake.


Does Water Have Any Other Benefits?

Yes it does. Water, other than benefiting the skin also benefits other parts of the body. It acts as a lubricating agent between the bones and is often the medium of many chemical reactions in the body. Water is also an essential part of the bones, the brain and the muscles. It protects the vital organs as well. There are countless benefits of water that can be discussed here but these are the major ones.


Can Drinking Water Cure Skin Conditions?

There has been no direct link of water as being the cure for skin conditions but it is a fact that water is important for good skin health. There have been reports of people who had a mild case of acne giving all the credit to water as being the healer. The process of curing skin conditions with water might take long but it could be possible. The theory has not been proven yet but has not been debunked either.


What Will Happen To Our Skin If We Don’t Drink Water?

If you don’t drink water, a lot of bad things are going to happen to your skin mainly:
• It is going to become dry. And wrinkles come quickly on dry skin.
• There might be dry scaly patches formed.
• It will lose its freshness and glow.
• It will become dehydrated which can cause irritation and general illness of skin.
• It can cause dehydration in the body and thus the skin will be badly affected as well, especially the color.



Now you all know why water is so important for the skin, and the health in general. It is good to have at least eight glasses of water daily, if not more. And in heated conditions where you are bound to experience water loss more quickly, drink even more than eight glasses.


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